Customer Bill of Rights

Office Owners Bill of Rights For The Technology Consulting Industry

1. At no time for any reason whatsoever will the computer technician’s best interest be more important than the best interest of the business owner.

2. At all times the computer technician will provide exceptional communication with the business owner.

3. At all times the computer technician will state what the hardware and service fees will be up front and will never surprise you with extra charges before installation or service for any reason.

4. Honesty & ethical service will be provided to every single one of our clients regardless the size of the network involved in the transaction.

5. Our exclusive private cloud system and all services provided will be thoroughly tested and will always meet the required specs for optimal security and performance.

6. We will protect all of our clients with a one year hardware guarantee and an above industry standard 90 day service guarantee.

7. Every client is protected by our “Problem Solved Guarantee”. if the computer technician cannot resolve your problem you get a full refund.

8. Every client will be provided instructions to trouble shoot level 1 issues so that they are not totally dependent of a computer technician.

9. Every single one of our clients will receive the same treatment we want our families to receive.

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